Hotel Sukowati Ngawi


In 2001, Hotel Aldian was overhauled, its class was raised to a 1 star hotel, and its name was changed to Hotel Sukowati. Regent Ngawi Harsono inaugurated its operation on March 24, 2001. As a 1 star hotel, the hotel is on the national road cross Ngawi-Caruban (capital of Madiun Regency) has 56 rooms full AC. As the only five-star hotel in Ngawi Regency, and arguably the largest hotel in Ngawi, this hotel has a hall or 'Kresna' meeting hall with capacity of 400 to 500 people. Until now, Kresna hall is still a favorite place to hold workshops, seminars, weddings, meetings of political parties, and other great titles


Jl. Raya Sukowati No.81 (Raya Ngawi-Caruban)
Ngawi, East Java

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