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Hidden Paradise in Madura!

on  The natural beauty owned Indonesia is feasible to explore deeper. As well as the pearl tucked away in the east of Java Island, precisely in the eastern area of Madura Island. You can find Mamburit Island with the stunning charm both above and below the sea surface. T... Read full article

Explore Kakek Bodo Waterfall!


Come and explore the waterfall in Pasuruan, such as Kakek Bodo Waterfall. Located in Prigen, Pasuruan regency of East Java. You can reach it by private vehicle. The entry fee for motor is Rp. 5000, – The road to the parking lot slightly uphill ride, special caution should achieve it. Entrance ... Read full article

Four Weekend Escapes By Just Driving In Surabaya


Surabaya is gaining popularity to become a hot spot for people to travel, hang out, or as a hub to explore East Java. The local vibe meets modern and urban lifestyle make the city really unique. If you're reside in Surabaya for a few short days, maybe spent time on Sunday, be it for leisure or tr... Read full article

Banyuwangi to host Festivals Asian Games 2018


The region of Banyuwangi in East Java is set to host a number of festivals and events this coming weekend from July 21 to 22, reports This is part of the 2018 Banyuwangi Festival, which is staging 77 events. The festivals include the Traditional Games Festival, the Innovation Te... Read full article

The Amazing Watu Godeg Beach - Lumajang


Watu Godeg Beach Have you ever been to Lumajang? Have you ever enjoyed a wonderful beach atmosphere here. This time we will review about the amazing beach scenery located in Lumajang Regency. Watu Godeg Beach is an amazing beach located in Lumajang Regency precisely in Tempursari District,... Read full article

Enjoy the Truly Adventure with Azimuth Adventure Travel


Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a foreign-run adventure travel company. Based in Indonesia, it offers all-inclusive adventure vacation packages. As a tour-operator specialized in trekking, volcano and wild adventures, it operates private guided tours (hiking, trekking, mountain & volcano climbin... Read full article

482 East Java Tourism Events 2018


The East Java Government launched 482 cultural and tourism events that will be held throughout 2018. "A total of 482 cultural and tourism activities consist of 108 festivals and 374 nonfestival which spread in 38 districts / cities, contained in East Java Tourism Calendar 2018," said Head of ... Read full article

Colorful Village Named Jodipan Tourism Village


In Malang of Indonesia, tourists may find also a unique village called Jodipan. One thing that makes it unique is the colorful houses located beside Brantas River. The other names of the village are Warna-Warni (colorful) and Tridi Village. Due to such charm and uniqueness, tourists feel comfort... Read full article

TOP 77 Calender of Event Banyuwangi Indonesia Festival 2018


  The Ministry of Tourism along with the Government of Banyuwangi Regency launched “TOP 77 Calendar of Event Banyuwangi Indonesia Festival 2018” at Balairung Soesilo Soedarman, Gedung Sapta Pesona, Jakarta (1/2). Top 77 Calender of Event is an effort of Banyuwangi Regency to presenting at... Read full article



A. TEMA, OBJEK & LOKASI FOTO DAN VIDEO I. TEMA FOTO DAN VIDEO Human Interest, Nature & Culture Potrait Of East Java II. OBJEK FOTO DAN VIDEO Daya Tarik wisata Alam,Manusia dan Budaya III. LOKASI FOTO DAN VIDEO Lokasi pengambilan foto dilakukan di 38 Kabupaten / Kota di Provinsi Jawa Timur.... Read full article