Enjoy the Truly Adventure with Azimuth Adventure Travel

Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a foreign-run adventure travel company. Based in Indonesia, it offers all-inclusive adventure vacation packages. As a tour-operator specialized in trekking, volcano and wild adventures, it operates private guided tours (hiking, trekking, mountain & volcano climbing) around Yogyakarta, Bali, East Java and across Indonesia. Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is the sole adventure actually bound travel company operating here as a receptive agency. As such, it is the right local tour operator to organize your hiking, trekking, volcano adventures in Indonesia. With 15 years’ experience, we are able to take you on the highest and most impressive mountains of Indonesia. We do not operate like a traditional agency: apart from some very special trips, we do not offer fixed departure date. We also do not regroup travelers in a group. Therefore you are able to form your own group (couples, friends, family, etc) and to travel at the dates of your choice: if you are 3 people, then you will travel only the three of you, and at the date that suits you. We remain open to all proposals so do not hesitate to send us your travel ideas and special requests. For further information, please contact: Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd Jl. Pandega Marta VI/4 – Catur Tunggal – Yogyakarta 55281 – Indonesia Call: +62 (0)274-560.663 | +62 (0)274-7837.666 | Fax: +62 (0)274 560.663 E-mail: contact@azimuth-travel.com

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06 Feb 2023