The Beauty Banyu Tibo Beach From Pacitan


Banyu Tibo Beach is one of many beautiful beaches in Pacitan, East Java. The regency better known as a Thousand Cave City is indeed has a series beautiful beaches, especially in rural areas. Compared to other beaches in Pacitan (generally in Indonesia), Banyu Tibo Beach has a different atmosphere and scenery. On the beach there is a unique natural phenomenon and rare which is a waterfall that falls directly onto the beach. The phenomenon become a favorite attraction in Banyu Tibo Beach. The location Banyu Tibo Beach is located on the southern tip of Pacitan. Exactly in Widoro Village, Donorejo Regency of Pacitan. Banyu Tibo Beach is white sand and has a clean sea water. Only the presence of waterfalls that make this beach looks different. The water that falls from cliff is a fresh water comes from underground water resources in the karst mountains that surround the beach. Banyu Tibo Beach area is not too large. Even was high tide sea water we could enjoy the beach view from the cliff. However, at low tide, playing at the beach area are complete with a waterfall that falls directly onto the beach, is an experience that is very exciting. Moreover, the volume of a waterfall here is quite high. As remote beaches located in Pacitan. Banyu Tibo Beach is not too crowded of tourist visit. For the adventurous, the atmosphere like this would be a pleasure. The name of Banyu Tibo was taken from Javanese language, which means the water away. This name refers to the presence of a waterfall at the beach. Just like the beaches on the outskirts of Pacitan. Beside white sand as one of the charms, Banyu Tibo Beach is also surrounded by the karst hills and rocks to add the exotica of Banyu Tibo Beach. More details:  

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21 Jan 2021