The Majestic Kedung Tumpang at Tulungagung - East Java

Pantai-Kedung-Tumpang-Ngehits-Di-Instagram Kedung Tumpang  Kedung Tumpang is one of attractions in Tulungagung, East Java, precisely located in Pucanglaban village. To go to this site is can be reach either from Kediri or Blitar, but taking Blitar route is somehow better. The situation at Kedung Tumpang is quite different with other common beach that has long line of white sand along the shore; Kedung Tumpang is just a group of rocks with some naturally occurring pools. Those natural pools formed because of the strong  waves from the southern ocean, so that perforate the coral and formed a natural pond. The road and the situation around the coral pool is steep and slippery, it is better to be careful during your holiday and wear an appropriate outware and footware. Regarding the genuine of the place, it is important to be noticed that we do not make any vandalism and keep the nature beautiful in its way.  

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21 Jan 2021