Prigi Beach, Beautiful Panoramic Beach in Trenggalek

Prigi Beach is popular beach in East Java located at Tasikmadu village, Watulimo district of Trenggalek regency, for about 48 kilometers to the south of Trenggalek. Beside as the tourism object which is often to visit by the visitors. This Prigi beach as also National port, where the largest auction fish in South coast of Java island. The location approximately 48 kilometers to the south of Trenggalek downtown. For about 4 kilometers along the beach. Can be reach use public transportation or private vehicles. The beach has white brownish sand beach, the wave is not too big with the beautiful panoramic surrounding the mountain. Prigi beach tourist area is a series of coast stretching from east to west adjacent to the Bukit Kapur. Three beaches are composed with a neat in this area, namely Karanggongso Beach, White Sand Beach (Popoh Beach), and Prigi Beach. These three beaches are the mainstay of Trenggalek Tourist Attraction. There are many facilities offers some cottage, playground, camping ground and some cafe around the beach area. More info visit:

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01 Dec 2022